40 Interesting Fun facts About North America

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The continent of North America will what we would be looking at here after that of Africa; a continent where powerful countries resides

40 Interesting Fun facts About North America

 The dominant languages of North America are Spanish, English or French

 It is third largest continent

 The highest point in North America is the Mount McKinley in Alaska

 North America produces one-fifth of the world’s wheat

 The largest country by area is Canada

 The world’s busiest inland waterway is the River St Lawrence

 The first written constitution of the world is that of U.S

 The largest city in North America is Mexico City

 North America occupies 4.8% of the total Earth’s surface

 The best universities are located in North America

 The first letter sent from North America was by John Rut

 The second largest producer of natural gas is a North American country

 The first inhabitants of North America are believed to be of Asian origin

 24 countries including the USA make up the continent of North America

 About half of the world maize (or corn) is grown in North America

 Glidden Sholes invented typewriter in North America

 Niagara Falls of North America is one of the most popular waterfalls in the world

 Canada has the highest number of lakes in the world

 An American beaver is the largest beaver in North America

 Over 500 million people live in North America

 The largest producer of newsprint in the world is Canada

 The busiest airport is the Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta

 North America’s continent has won the most number of Olympic medals so far

 New York is home to the headquarters of United Nation Organizations

 It is fourth most populous continent

 North America is home to the longest highway in the world

 There are more coffee drug addicts in the continent than any other kind

 North America is the only continent that have every type of climate

 Lake Superior in North America is the largest fresh water in the world

 Galaxyland, the largest indoor amusement park is in West Edmonton Mall

 Hollywood is known as the cinema capital city of the world

 The most earthquake prone country is Mexico

 The most populous country is the United States of America

 The largest inter-mountain plateau of North America is the Great Britain

 The lowest point is the Dead Valley, California

 The first European to reach North America was Christopher Columbus

 North America was named after the Italian explorer, Americo Vespucci

 North America has the highest dog population in the world

 The longest coastline is located in Canada

 North America tend to have the highest number of slang users in the world

 The busiest railway junction of the world is the Chicago Railway Junction

 The largest urban agglomerations on the continent are Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago


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There are very good facts about
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First of all, Vikings where the first europeans to land in America. Also the worst universities are in America.

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